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hunhan fun facts (please take it with a pinch of salt)

1:Sehun say if he has a sister, he'll definitely want her to marry Luhan
2:Luhan finds Sehun very cute when the latter gets angry. Sometimes, he'll piss Sehun off on purpose, but when it comes to seeking forgiveness from Sehun, it's a tad difficult
3:Once when Luhan was angry, Sehun bought him 10 portions of fried new year cake (年糕)
4:Whenever Sehun is throwing a tantrum/not listening to his hyungs, Luhan would be sent to lecture him.
5:Sehun doesn't dare to sit on Luhan's bed too!
6:Hunhan has a competition of blowing bubbles. The loser have to make funny faces at Kris
7:Once when Sehun was thirsty, he told Luhan that he wants to drink milk...At that moment, the other members all turned and concentrated their attention at hunhan. Sehun then stuttered and said, "I want to drink milk tea."
8:On Luhan's birthday, EXO-K wanted to make a recording for him. After recording their blessings to Luhan, Chanyeol and all left. Sehun hid the camera and continued recording. Sehun said, "Luhan hyung Happy birthday, Sehun misses you." Luhan cried after hearing that and Sehun wiped the camera and said, "Is Luhan hyung crying? Luhan hyung don't cry.. Sehun is a grown up now."
9:On a fansign, a fan asked Sehun if he misses Luhan. Sehun wrote that he misses him and lowered his head and smiled
10:On a variety show, Luhan mentioned that he likes girls who are demure and quiet, Sehun jumped out saying that he is demure and quiet
11:During a performance, Luhan was supposed to go on stage first. But as Sehun and him were chatting along, Sehun almost went on stage together with Luhan when he wasn't supposed to. Luckily Suho grabbed Sehun.
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